Brightening Eye Serum

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A wonderfully unique formulation packed full of actives each with their own special reputations. Super-smoothing Hyaluronic Acid, wrinkle-reducing Pentapeptides, anti-ageing COQ10, Cafeisilane for puffiness and Niacinamide for dark circles; refreshingly blended with antioxidant Green Tea & Raspberry Extracts and gently soothing Cornflower. The result is a super-enriched soothing eye gel that will help reduce puffiness, refresh weary eyes, and tone and brighten the skin around them.  Aroma – A precious essential oil blend of fresh herby Lavender, tangy Grapefruit and fruity Mandarin Oils.

Apply morning and night onto clean skin. Dispense a small droplet onto your middle finger. Break the droplet with another finger, cup your hands and inhale the aroma. Pause and enjoy. Gently pat a small amount of serum under each eye and along the brow bone.


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